Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an LCFCFamily Member?

Follow these simple steps: -

  1. Either sign up using the pop up form that is displayed after 30 seconds on the home page
  2. Or click on the 'Join the LCFCFamily' text in the Contact Us section on the home page

What is the difference between an LCFCFamily Member and a LCFCFamily VIP?

The Main difference is: -

  1. The LCFCFamily Membership is FREE
  2. The VIP Membership costs £10 every two years
The VIP membership allows you to book unlimted classes and sessions whereas with the free membership you are limited to 20 bookings, Further the VIP membership allows you to advertside your business card on our web site for FREE

How do I get a Ticket for an on-line Event?

It's simple to get a Ticket for an Event providing the Event has not sold out or not on sale yet. Here's what you do: -

  1. Select the Event you want to go to
  2. Click on the Details button